TRANSGENDER AWARENESS A.M.A. (ask me anything) 

with Dillan DiGiovanni, IAHC, MEd.

(click the pic to connect to my FB page)


This event will be a free LIVE via my Facebook page (not my personal profile). I'll answer questions sent to me anonymously* via the form below.

You can ask me anything and I'll do my absolute best to answer as many questions as I can.

  • what does transgender mean?
  • is the same as being gay?
  • how and when did I know I was trans*?
  • what was it like to transition in my 30s?
  • male privilege sounds great---is it really?
  • how did it change my relationship to my family?
  • does testosterone affect my mood?




*You will need to provide your email address to submit questions before the event. Those questions will be prioritized first. If you choose not to share your address to submit a question, you can participate live during the event and/or view it after.