Spring Special: D.I.Y. 14-Day RESTART 


You know when it's time...

Spring reminds us that we always have a chance to make a new start. Like plants need sun and light and water to grow, people need guidance to gently evolve. Why do a detox when restarting feels so much better?

Use this Restart Guide full of info from my 20+ years in the wellness field. 

The easy-to-read, 60+ page ebook includes:

  • 14-day step-by-step Restart Guide (with pics!) 
  • All I Know About Cleansing
  • 7-10 Day Mind/Body Cleanse Instructions
  • printable shopping list and healthy living checklist
  • recommended reading list
  • recommended GREENER products list

OPTION 1: Buy the guide on sale for $9.99 (until 5/1/17)

OPTION 2: Buy the guide + coaching session with me for $99 (until 5/1/17) 

Ready to restart?