Dillan DiGiovanni


I provide individual & company coaching as well as classes and events.

My clients are people who say "yes" to transformation.

Growth-minded folks seek out ways to grow and thrive so they can achieve their fullest potential.

These are "my people."

My coaching style is holistic in nature, highly interactive and collaborative. I provide tools and training for people to develop more self-awareness and healthier habits.

Dillan skillfully guides us to find our own way to our own unfiltered truth. Very empowering!
— Margot Brown Slowick
Dillan has been a great resource for IDEO. Dillan is both polished and relatable — an uncommon and valuable combination when it comes to driving change in an organization or initiative.
— Graham Gardner, Senior Design Research Coordinator, IDEO

Clients include:

I support people who won't settle for less than the best they can have in this lifetime. They are willing to work for what they want in a relationship, career or any other aspect of life. Read my bio to see why I do this.


  • 20+ years of expertise in the wellness field, i.e. supplements, nutrition and lifestyle habits
  • research-based best practices for sustainable behavioral change and personal development
  • academic and real-world knowledge to nurture diverse demographics
  • a relatable, dynamic and engaging presence as a trained, certified teacher, coach and facilitator