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I inspire people to embrace well-being as the baseline for professional success and the key to build a better world and I help people and companies find better health and more happiness through workplace culture coaching and my individual coaching programs.

Through my work, people to learn and practice good habits to take better care of themselves and each other, one decision at a time.


Integrative health includes our nutrition, lifestyle habits like sleep and exercise, the career or work we pursue and relationships in our lives (personal and professional). A holistically healthy person knows and practices good habits to improve these areas.

My ideal clients are conscientious go getters who won't settle for a stagnant or sub-optimal life.

My clients work at Microsoft, IDEO, ACTBLue, IEEE, Intelligentsia, GENERAL ASSEMBLY & other cool places.

IDEO Dillan DiGIovanni
General Assembly Dillan DiGiovanni

Workplace Culture Coach

I'm able to inspire and encourage people of all identities. My events are interactive and fun!

  • Inclusive Workplaces
  • Change Management
  • Integrative Well-being
  • Intra/Interpersonal Development

CMBostonMarch Dillan DiGiovanni

Personal Coach

I'm your guide on the side as you set goals and make decisions to transform your life from the inside-out. 

I wanted a coach who had really been through some serious sh*t. Someone who would understand me and what I was going through.
— Lauren Collinson, CPA, Philadelphia, PA