My Impact

My clients are natural leaders. They're people who aspire to move beyond complacency to achieve self-actualization. They are managers and owners of companies or their own lives.

I help the people who power large corporations like Microsoft, IDEO and General Assembly and also small companies like ActBlue, Intelligentsia and ____.

Why? Because workplaces only work well if the people who work there feel well.

Alive. Empowered. Balanced. Happy. Fulfilled. Seen. Heard. Valued. Invested. Engaged.

My work helps this happen. 



Years of experience.

I began my career as a classroom teacher and health food store hippie. Several degrees and certifications later, I'm still teaching people in millions of rooms all over the world. And I'm still learning, too. 




buckets of expertise.

Integrative Well-being.

Intra/Interpersonal Development.

Diversity + Inclusion.

Change Management.

Why pick one? I help in many ways.




people to inspire and support.

Our current population. Every person alive now could use some help to evolve.

A lofty goal perhaps?

I'm off to a good start. And each person I help impacts of lives of many others. Which is why who we are matters so much, and why anything we do makes a difference.