F.A.Q. about my coaching

These are frequent questions I get from prospective 1-on-1 clients:

How do you work?

Our intro session is an hour via call or Skype. You talk, I listen and ask some questions. I'll provide feedback for you or we will decide to work together in a coaching agreement. You can then choose from a la carte pep talks or long-term coaching packages ranging from three to six months.

What information is included?

It depends on what you need. We can cover nutrition, lifestyle habits, relationships, career or spirituality. I'll guide you on clear communication and listening skills. I have a wide range of expertise (as a certified teacher, speaker, writer and health coach) and I'm here to help.

How much does it cost? 

Intro sessions are $95. A la carte sessions are $250/hour. Available coaching packages are 3 months (for returning clients) to 6 months for new clients and range in cost. We cover this during your intro session.

How is it different from life coaching?

The foundation of my coaching is good nutrition and lifestyle habits. My training as a health coach made it clear that it's pretty difficult to accomplish anything if you don't feel good physically and mentally.  I also coach you on things like listening, communication and time management. You set the goals, I hold you accountable.

I see you're transgender and mostly straight. Do you only work with LGBTQA people?

No. Most of my clients are cisgender, heterosexual people. They know I get them. ;)


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