Working Well



Our first session explores balance. Balance is key to a healthy life. Many people seek balance but lack the awareness, skills and the practice to achieve it. 

In this session, you will:

  • learn about the Circle of Life
  • chart your Circle of Life and assess it
  • discover the theory of Primary Food

Please watch* the video below and complete the activities that follow.

*I recommend using headphones.


You can use the ZOOM function on your mouse to zoom in and see the presentation as it plays. 



Questions to consider:

What do you see when you complete your Circle of Life?

Which areas need more of your time and attention? 


Upload your Circle of Life below:


Primary foods are the things in our lives that don't come on a plate. Look at the different sections of the red circle. These aspects of life come into and out of balance, depending on our focus, as we learned from the Circle of Life activity. The more they are not aligned with our true needs, the more we feel out of balance. The more these sections "feed us", the less we reach for other sources of nourishment in the form of cravings and habits. 

As our Primary Food aligns with what we want and need, it impacts the food we eat. And vice-vesa.


Review the Primary Food diagram.

Which area(s) aren't feeding you right now?

Which area would you most want to focus on now and WHY? 


Why bother with goals? Well, I can understand that. I was once very goal-averse. I hated goals. Now I see that goals help me make my dreams come true, so I love setting goals. I think the key to being excited about goals is setting ones that make you feel inspired and happy. 

Good goals are:

  • specific
  • measurable
  • timely
  • fun
  • practical
  • beneficial
  • challenging in good ways

Start with setting a few goals and see how you do. They can be simple like drinking more water, calling a friend or updating your resume. 

Download this goals sheet to get started and help you focus:


Remember to complete your Healthy Living Daily Checklist each day