Keynotes + Workplace Culture Coaching

Cultivate a healthier culture in your workplace with my keynote talks and group programs.

Why should business owners invest in employee development?

When your employees have good health and better communication skills, it’s better for your bottom line.

Building capacity to effect strategic, inclusive change should be on the radar of every innovative business.

Bennett and Bush said, “developing this capacity can mean a competitive advantage and differentiation in the market for an organization.” (Meyer and Stensaker, 2006)

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Dillan has been a great resource for IDEO. Dillan is both polished and relatable — an uncommon and valuable combination when it comes to driving change in an organization or initiative.
— Graham Gardner, Senior Design Research Coordinator, IDEO

Support your whole team with fun + practical tools:

+  solve stressors before they escalate

+  improve interpersonal communication

+  boost well-being and overall performance

+  nurture diverse and inclusive teams

+  manage time more effectively

+  all this and more!

Dillan was a passionate, thoughtful, and charismatic speaker with an enthusiasm that was simply contagious. I would highly recommend him!
— Robin Laskey, Recruitment & Admissions Professional


My events inspire people to see their lives from a holistic perspective.

They learn how each decision they make affects other areas of their lives and they get tools to make sustainable changes that matter to them. Available on-site or virtually. 

My Most-Requested Talk Topics:

  1. Nurturing Candid, Inclusive Cultures: Build teams where every person feels heard and valued.

  2. Thrive in Your 9-5: Transform habits in and out of work to thrive for real success. 

  3. Be Your Best Self: Everyone says you should do this, I'll help you learn why and how you can.

  4. Transform Ideal to Real: Most people never live their dream lives. Become someone who does.

  5. Listening Skills & Leadership: Most people compete to be heard. Don't be like most people.


My employer-subsidized coaching programs benefit each individual's well-being and your company's bottom line.

Provide your mid+ high-level managers with individualized or small-group coaching to help them thrive and be more impeccable leaders. Small groups provide intimate, authentic connection among colleagues to drive progress toward behavior change.

Working with Dillan certainly made us more aware of the areas where we can be better leaders.
— Jen Park, Owner of Forge Baking Co., Diesel and Bloc cafes, Somerville, MA

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