Do you want me as your guide? 

Is coaching right for you? Wondering what it's like?


Coaching helps you set goals and take action to make changes in your life. In our private sessions, I listen as you set goals. In each session, we track your progress and make adjustments as we go. 

You can choose from basic nutrition and lifestyle habits to career or relationship changes. It's a process that helps you feel more clear and confident over time and you can change your goals along the way if needed.

You can contact me if you feel like:

  • you want to be healthier but feel confused or too overwhelmed to choose better habits

  • you want to make some kind of life change but feel stuck

  • you need use someone who listens and really "gets" you 

  • you've done a lot of work and still don't see the results you want


Want to just "pick my brain"? 

You know how you have that idea in your mind, that *someday* you’ll get it together, eat right, exercise more, and become that person you’d like to be? Dillan got me on the track I had always wanted to be on!
— Dave Curado, network engineer, Boston, MA
dave curado dillan digiovanni client
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Are we a good match? 

Let's try an intro session.

It lasts 30 minutes and costs $0. 

Dillan skillfully guides us to find our own way to our own unfiltered truth. Very empowering!
— Margot Brown Slowick
I wanted a coach who had really been through a lot of s^&* himself. Someone who would understand and be able to support me.
— Lauren Collinson, CPA, newly relocated to Philly, PA
If you go on a tour, you hire the person who knows the area best. Dillan’s seen a lot and done a lot and changed so much in his own life, he’s the best “life” tour guide I know.
— Trish Palmiere, Construction Project Manager, Boston, MA

Coaching Options

Select the option that best fits your needs.


Virtual and/or in-person. Range from 6 sessions to 4 months. Small groups of 8 people.

Coming FALL 2018. 

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