Know yourself better to be yourself more.


Who are you? When's the last time you sat down and spoke to someone about it.

When you know yourself well and accept yourself fully, you can BE yourself more.


Vegan or paleo? Runner or crossfit fanatic? Buddhist or Atheist or Christian?

LGBTQ or straight as an arrow? Team player or solopreneur?

Homebody or world traveler? Early-adopter, late-arrival or right-on-timer?


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I help people evolve. I'm a good listener and experienced guide for people who strive to be themselves in a world that makes it a challenge.

I also help nurture local companies to be healthier workplaces for their employees.

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Many venues for my message

I write. I'm a speaker. I'm a guest on podcasts. I make videos (inconsistently) for Youtube and post (very consistently) on Instagram and Facebook.

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Since 2009, with some breaks here and there, I've been sending words out into the ether to inspire the reader on the other end. If I'm lucky and it doesn't go to SPAM, people feel better in their own skin from reading what I share. Sometimes recipes are included.

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Learn from My Life Lessons

I've spent my whole life exploring identity inside and out. In 40 years, I've changed just about everyone a person could change: my food, my living environment, my career, my sexuality (a few times) and more! I share what I've learned along the way.


Loved having you in my life every week! You are a born leader and a true inspiration on how to transform ones’ life and be authentically true to thyself ❤️

— Lisa Franek Atalese, Integrative Health Coach, Raleigh, NC


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