You just need the right ones.

I have this written on an index card beside my computer. 


It's there to remind me of something important that helps me overcome despair, discouragement, frustration, resignation or disappointment. 

That index card reminds me when I forget that I'm not here to save the world or help everyone. Because people don't need fixing or saving. They are perfect as they are. BUT some want to actually do something other than feel comfortable. They don't want to settle for resignation and cynicism. They want to wake up happy to be alive. They want to make an impact.

Those are my people. My pal, Paul Jarvis, calls this finding our rat people

Are you my rat person? Are you drawn to personal development and impeccable health (mind and body)? Are you committed to being kind? Do you prefer to be responsible for yourself and your life instead of being a victim? 

I forget that most people aren't like this. MOST PEOPLE DON'T MATURE PAST THE AGE OF 10. They remain children in adult-sized bodies and they go to jobs (or don't) and get married (or don't) and have children (or don't) and impact all the lives of the people they know with their presence and behavior. And they don't care. Or they care but aren't willing to do anything to change it. Like a 10-year-old, they want someone to come in and clean up the mess or make it better or hand them the thing they want. They don't want to put on their big person pants (or dress) and make their lives work. Or they do want to but just a while to get their butts in gear. I know why, and that's for another post.

You know people like this. You work with people like this. You socialize with people like this. You date and marry and divorce people like this. If YOU ARE LIKE THIS, hopefully you are starting to reconsider how much longer you want to be. You're seeing that there's a common denominator in your life and all the experiences you've had and it's y-o-u.

I remind myself that I don't need to reach those people. They aren't open to my message. They aren't ready for my work. I just need the right ones, the people who are open and receptive and able to take on the process of self-actualization and maturity. 

The social media monster tricks us into believing we need more followers, likes, mentions and whatever the heck else. It makes us think we will find the validation we seek in all that mess. But the truth is, what we're seeking will come from two sources: YOURSELF and the RIGHT ONES. 

The right ones:

hold you accountable

stand for your greatness

acknowledge you

inspire you

value you

support you


To make anything work--your work, your business, your relationships and your LIFE--you need the right ones. Spend less time chasing the ones who aren't ready to show up and work with you. Invest your energy in the people standing right there, ready, waiting and smiling from ear to ear. Or the ones throwing skeptical shade but still try, despite their fear.

Got it? Good.