Two Friends Make Quinoa

At the end of March, my good friend, Nick Oddo, came up to visit Boston. We were going to attend the birthday party of our mutual friend and fellow health coach, Matt Germain. On this particular day, Nick and I were debating whether or not to make a video of cooking together or just hang out and talk. God knows we both love talking to each other! We ended up giving the video a try and now have a precious afternoon full of fun and laughter for the memory books--and the video to prove it!

Ever since we met in 2009, Nick and I have been connected from the heart. He was there for me the day in July 2009 when I took the stage and spoke in front of my 1,500 classmates for our graduation from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He took me to lunch and gave me a much-needed pep talk--and we've been doing that for each other ever since that day.

I've learned a lot from Nick during the course of our friendship, but one of the most profound gifts I've received is the ability to grow and take honest, compassionate criticism. We share a love for the book The Four Agreements and no matter what is happening in my life, Nick will always remind me of those four essential truths.

We all struggle in our lives. We all face odds that seem insurmountable. The truth is, however, that we CAN surmount pretty much anything---but we need to keep our minds, thoughts, and perspective in check. Our egos can run amok and make things seem pretty dire.

Try reading The Four Agreements and you'll see what I mean.

And always, always surround yourself with good-hearted mature people who sell it to you clearly and honestly.

I hope you enjoy this video and the simple recipe it contains--but more than that, I hope you glean the most important message: there is nothing more healthy for you than a good friend. Here are some post-video production stills--hope you enjoy!