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Fat Doesn't Make You Fat--So Eat It


  When I struggled with an eating disorder in high school, the first thing I eliminated was any food with fat in it.

I went right for the fat-free yogurt, stopped eating ice cream, told my (poor, confused) mother to buy skim milk (we had been a 2% household) and ate Lean Cuisine meals with 5 grams of fat or less.


Why? Why did I do this? Why did I never stop to think how much sugar or carbs or sodium was in the foods I ate and only focused on the fat content?

Why? Because that was all over the media. It was in every magazine, commercial and on the lips of my friends. Fat-free this and fat-free that.

It continued for years until I became a certified health coach in 2009 and learned that fat is actually essential for healthy brains, skin, hair and bodies. I learned that they replace the fat with more sugar to make it taste better.

And I thought that was just plain silly.

So, I stopped eating frozen yogurt and low-fat cheese and yogurt. I started reading food labels more clearly and saw the high amounts of sugar and/or sodium on low-fat foods. I started eating fat again. I started eating FULL FAT ice cream, yogurt, cheese and sour cream. I started eating more avocados, more butter, more nuts and healthy oils like olive, coconut and sesame.

And I noticed my hair looked better. My skin glowed. My nails grew like weeds. My brain functioned more efficiently -- and does even better the less sugar I eat.

I didn't gain weight from eating fat. In fact, eating full-fat foods was so filling and satisfying I ate smaller portions and really savored the flavor. I didn't eat as much because the quality of what I was eating was so much better.

And that's what I do now. And why I do it. Otherwise, I don't think I would be enjoying those mochas from Diesel cafe that I adore so very much. ;)

Have you tried this? Are you curious about making the shift from fat-free to full-fat foods? Drop a line and share your thoughts.



Lesley Love and a HUGE inspiring kick in the butt!

So the post for today is short but REALLY sweet! I have to send huge love and thanks to my pals at Lesley University: Sue, Michele and Jan. You all are amazing rockstars who have provided me with tremendous opportunities to share my skills and passion for health coaching with the people closest to you in your work environment. Thank you for adding to the ripple effect!

SHOUT-OUT to the students in Jan's class (email me and keep in touch) and the great folks who attended my workshops on Staff Development Day and Eco-Week!

And please, please read this email I received from one of my beautiful clients, Trish. I asked for her permission to share this incredible message I received from her yesterday. She moved me to tears.

READ and SHARE IT with people you love and tell them to do the thing they think they cannot do.

Dear Dillan,

I know I'll see you tomorrow but thought I'd share a cool experience from the weekend.  After 4 years and 2 failed attempts at trying out for another league, I am so excited about having skated in my first roller derby bout on Saturday.  I'm still glowing about it, and even though we lost, the day as a whole was the most amazing thing.  I tend to feel like things conspire against me to make it so that things I really want (or at least think I want) don't happen, and so I spent a lot of time worrying about what might happen that would take this goal away from me.  Was I going to trip over something at home and hurt myself and not able to skate?  Was I going to get sick so I wasn't at my best?  You get the idea.  Saturday came, I got up early and put some songs together on my iPod to listen to on the way to the bout.  After a nice breakfast with my team, we went off to the arena.  I won't be able to express it well, but the feeling I got when walking out onto the floor of the (then empty) arena was incredible.  It was huge, it was awesome and most importantly, I was going to skate!  The long story short is that I had about 20 people who came to watch me (out of a crowd of about 1200) and I felt such amazing love and support from them all.  Our team lost in overtime, but I couldn't have been happier. I have a ton to still work on, but no matter what happens in the rest of my life, I can say that I persevered and DID IT.

So yesterday, as I was watching runners after they finished the marathon (I work in the Back Bay) I thought about all the hard work and training they had put in as well, and while I didn't run a literal marathon, I ran a marathon of my own.  I didn't give up.  I kept at it, and I reached a goal.  It felt awesome and I hoped those runners were feeling the same way.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Trish


This coming weekend, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2nd to be exact, I am going to be standing at a table talking to people all day long about health coaching.

Yes, that's right. I get to stand and talk about myself all day!

Well, that's not entirely true. I am going to be spending most of that time LISTENING to people, particularly about their attendance at an event entirely about ALL THINGS LOCAL in Boston (and some surrounding areas, ;) )

COME and check it out! It's FREE!


My table/booth is C35 and I am super-dupa excited to be a part of this event. I firmly believe the more we can invest our money in local food and local business, things in our immediate community will improve on a daily basis. I also believe in local because most often it yields better quality per hard-earned dolla bill I spend.

Here's an example...

yesterday I needed groceries to make some simple meals, but I was on foot and pretty darn exhausted. On my way home, I cruised by Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis SQ in Somerville and bought some cut meats and cheese, a few squashes and zucchinis from local farms as well as some broccoli. OH! and a great loaf of bread (unsliced) from a local bakery.

This yielded: an AMAZING sandwich yesterday and now several more this week, fresh veggies for sauteeing for dinner a few nights AND it was fast, convenient and extremely FRESH! I got about 6 meals worth of food (for $29.00) when I could have dropped those dollars on something far less nutritious and maybe would have made it to ONE batch of leftovers.

Not convinced?

Another example?

I had three bunches of bok choy from the Davis Sq farmer's market ($3.00 for 3 big bunches) sitting in my Crisper drawer and it was almost 7:30 and I was starved and tired. Yes, I capitalized Crisper.

What to do? Well, my lovely partner took a quick walk down the street to a local Thai restaurant (Thailand Cafe in Arlington, MA) and grabbed a big 'ol batch of their delicious pad thai for about $6. We put some toasted sesame oil in a pan, wilted down the bok choy and put that right alongside the pad thai. Ideally, we would have meal-planned a bit better to make our own pad thai to join those delicious, nutritious greens but----we are busy and imperfect people! Because we have been eating more slowly and intentionally, our appetites are smaller and we even had leftovers for the next day. Awesome.

Thailand Cafe saved the day AND we matched it with some local greens that we prepared ourselves. Not every meal can be handmade when you're on the go and working long hours but you don't have to live on sandwiches, oatmeal and hard-boiled eggs.

Local means fresh.

Local means fast.

Can you use more fresh FAST food in your life?

Start investigating the healthy options in your community and mixing and matching when time is short.