Meet Victoria.

Hi! My name is Victoria Ellis and I go to school at Lesley University.  I am twenty years old and a junior studying Communications and Psychology.  As well as being a student, I am a full time athlete as well.  I have been playing goal keeper in soccer for fourteen years now and do not plan on stopping anytime soon.  I am doing an internship right now with Dillan and aspire to learn how to work professionally and help people with their lives holistically.  I do not consider myself a ‘health nut’ but I am very curious about how our body works and what it needs to be healthy!

The classes I have taken at Lesley have taught me to be a more critical thinker.  I have taken classes specifically like Holistic Approach to Healing, Theories of Personality, Communication Ethics, Expressive Arts Therapy, Yoga: Theory, Culture, and Practice, Marketing, Web Design, Writing Across the Professions, and Foundations of Management.  I feel that this combination of classes is inspiring me to become a driven individual who wants to help people in a professional fashion.

After studying at school and doings some of my own thought, I believe that there are distinct differences in the words healed versus cured and illness versus disease.  I think that understanding the differences between these words will help individuals understand their bodies more.  Throughout this blog I will give my personal interpretation of these words and how many peoples lives have been helped from holistic medicine.