Get Your Focus ON!!

8-week Fall Program
Do you want or need more help getting focused?

As summer folds its arms across its chest, smiling and thinking about retirement for another year, are you  thinking: I have some things I need to make happen---NOW.

I'm right there with you.

Summer has been wonderful. I set it as an intention to rest, relax and take things a bit slower so I could focus and feel better. I've done just that and it feels so good, I want to keep doing it MORE! I realized that the secret to getting and staying focused is identifying my goals, practicing healthy habits and relishing in my accomplishments. Would you like to experience some of this yourself? The Fall is the perfect time to develop and hone lifestyle habits to make you more successful at work, at play, at love and at life. Whether or not you're in school, work for one or have absolutely no affiliation with the institution of education whatsoever--many of us stay in tune to the old school calendar and September means one thing: vacation is over, time to get down to business! Most people use this time of year to take some serious action to make some serious progress.

So tell me:
Do you have goals, both short and long-term, but feel yourself running in circles?
Do you feel like something needs to change, but need and want support to help make it happen?
Have you identified key blocks in your life, nutritionally, habitually, mentally or emotionally and want to overcome them?
Are you thinking that this year would be the year to cruise through the holidays relaxed and happy instead of stressed and stuffed?
Do you want more clarity so you can live the life you want to live--NOW?!
If you are motivated and ready to take action in your life--- NOW IS THE TIME.


I invite you to join my GET FOCUSED: FEEL FABULOUS 8-week Program

As a member of this program, you will:

  • identify 3 goals you have for your life right now
  • find where you need to get more balance to make progress with those goals
  • discover the role that sugar plays in your life and why it might be sabotaging your best efforts
  • learn to prepare quick and delicious meals for a healthy mind & body
  • focus on finding the job/career that matches your PASSION!
  • effectively prepare for a happier holiday season
  • overcome insomnia and fatigue with improved sleep quality every night!
8-week Fall Program

September 27
October 11+25
November 8+21*
Right in my comfy, cozy office in the heart of Davis Square 
Cost:          $397 -- includes all program materials, five 90-minute group sessions and email support from me between in-person sessions.


REGISTER via the EVENTS tab of this website :)

*for ease of traveling for Thanksgiving Week

Get Focused ------> Practice Healthy Habits ------> FEEL FABULOUS!!!