Change is life.

I’m your guide.

How can I help?

Well, I’ve changed virtually every aspect of my life: my job, my spirituality, my nutrition, my geographical “home” and my sexuality. Many times over. I’m also a certified teacher, coach and I earned my Master’s degree in Education. My focus was change theory and identity.

All my experience helps me help you better because I understand the process of personal transformation more than most coaches. If you’re facing it, I’ve lived through it. I’m here to listen and support you.

That's how I help my clients of all identities learn who they are and want to become. One conversation and one decision at a time. Results are guaranteed as long as you’re in it to win it.

Nurturing expertise in the field of wellness for over 20 years has taught me how:

  • to be a work in progress, constantly adjusting to life and adapting to THRIVE

  • to feel comfortable as a white person navigating race politics in today’s society

  • to embrace minimalism and live modestly for more freedom and fulfillment

  • to have more money in the bank and a better credit score now than from any 9-5 job

  • to know the difference between discerning and judging others

  • to feel completely comfortable with my relationship to food

  • to accept my mother for everything she is and offers me

  • to communicate and listen with compassion and empathy (for myself and others)

  • to embrace and accept anxious and depressive responses to stressors in my life

  • to know who I am and what I want

  • to embrace being single with no children, by choice (for now)

I don’t even own a television. That was a hard one to give up but I did it.

Moderating a conversation with Randi Zuckerberg in my role as a WeWork Labs Global Mentor was a highlight of 2019! This woman is a powerhouse and all-around wonderful human being.

dillan digiovanni randi zuckerberg wework nyc

For those of us who hate “the process”, Dillan is the spirit guide/Beyonce we want on our side: who knows when to hand-hold, when to real talk, and when to show his crocus tattoo.
— Laural Powell, CreativeMorningsBOSTON

Storytelling + speaking events:

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Taking Care of Your Body As Is with Dillan DiGiovanni

Taking Care of Your Body As Is with Dillan DiGiovanni

Short Bio:

Dillan DiGiovanni is a person who inspires radical realness and resilience. His message and mission inspires people of all identities to be their true selves. With over 20 years in the fields of wellness, identity development and personal transformation, Dillan is a professional change agent. He provides people with a process to practice self-awareness and self-compassion to overcome internal and external limitations or boxes and simplify their lives to thrive more.

Dillan is a two-time TEDx speaker and has been featured on PBS. He consults with companies like IDEO, Microsoft, General Assembly and ActBlue and he’s a Global Mentor for WeWork Labs.

Dillan earned his B.S. in Education from The College of New Jersey and his MEd from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. He returned home to New Jersey after living in New England for 12 years. He runs on all things 80s, coffee and always needs to eat more greens. His favorite movie is The Karate Kid and he would definitely beat you in a lip-syncing contest.

About me:

For better or for worse, I haven’t had things “easy” since I was a kid. But all those experiences encouraged me to find a way to be happy and healthy just by being myself! Now I share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible.

I grew up a latch-key kid from a broken home who intuitively chose to thrive as a coping skill. I was a high-achiever with straight As. In school, I was called me needy, clingy and “intense”. I struggled through an eating disorder and overcame it without hospitalization or much support from adults in my life.

Things really changed for me when I rigorously pursued personal development in my early 20s.

In the early 2000s, I read The Celestine Prophecy, Ishmael and Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Surrounded by other social justice-minded individuals, I felt clear and confident about myself as a spiritual, white, queer-androgynous person until I picked up Just Add Hormones and She’s Not There and was terrified by the stirrings of gender dysphoria within me. I put those feelings to the side, and moved forward with my career.

The economic chaos and office politics at my job found me jobless the week before Christmas in 2009. I had just become a certified health coach and used the opportunity to start my business. I felt empowered and confident in my new identity as business owner and health entrepreneur. I was going to change the world one kale smoothie at a time! I started a successful business with a small office in Somerville, MA and toured around New England as a speaker, too.

A decade of weekly therapy sessions and my own spiritual education paid off when tragedy struck in my mid-30s. After several decades of “coasting” on charm, high intelligence and a good work ethic, my resilience was tested. The bottom practically fell out of my life when I chose to transition my gender identity at the age of 34 while bootstrapping my own business and putting myself back in graduate school at the same time.

Within months, I lost my family, the person I considered a partner and friend, and my own sense of self. My business brand was affected by the stigma and stereotypes of cultural transphobia. But I persevered through a self-designed master’s degree program and found comfort and clarity in my research about behavioral and cultural change.

But I was tired. All the striving had worn me out. So, in 2016, on the edge of burnout, I chose intentional isolation in the woods of Vermont to integrate all I learned and heal myself from the PTSD, anxiety and depression of my transition and life, in general.

I’d barely emerged from the woods ready to return to Boston when I faced the sudden death of my beloved therapist of 10 years. Reeling from shock, I spent another 6 months traveling around, continuing my journey toward total transformation. I finally landed back home in New Jersey, by choice, to integrate former and present versions of myself to move forward powerfully.

I’ve experienced eating disorders, accidents, surgeries, heartbreaks and countless instances of personal and professional struggle. I benefit from white privilege but deal with daily struggles as an out trans* person. My heart has been broken many times, personally and professionally, but I still find ways to overcome my despair and resignation and believe in love and kindness.

During my whole process, I’ve learned that hiding who you are rarely helps you or others AND we are really our own best sources of wisdom and happiness. We can search for it outside of ourselves but the answers are always within.

Credentials & Education:

Master of Education, Integrative Wellness, Leadership and Change in Individuals and Cultures: Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Science in Education, Secondary Major in Art: The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ

International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC)

State of New Jersey, Standard Teaching Certificate