My own life struggles help me help others.

If you want to feel less stressed and more confident, you need someone who really gets you.

Someone who listens well and gives advice only when you really want it.

Someone who's been through some serious sh*t and came out the other side more successful and content.

Dillan DiGiovanni Creative Mornings Boston

Is "just be yourself" actually just bullsh*t?

Remember in school they told us to "just be ourselves" and life would work out?

As we get older, we realize that was a sham. It's not *quite* that easy. It takes a lot to feel confident and overcome complacency to live your ideal life. I do this for myself to help guide my clients through their own process.

Read my bio and decide for yourself if who I am is what you need and want in a coach.

I bring 20+ years of personal and professional experience to help you:

  • feel seen and supported for who you are and want to become
  • learn skills to manage stress symptoms like depression and anxiety
  • identify ineffective habits stemming from limiting beliefs
  • learn healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally

* * * * *

I've been around the block. A few times.

Overcoming adversity is my whole life. My parents divorced when I was 3 months old and I grew up pretty neglected. It's still the case but now I have better tools to deal with this reality. 

I overcame an eating disorder in high school without medical intervention and went on to excel at one of the best colleges for education in the country. My first career as an eighth-grade Social Studies teacher ended early when I quit because I was afraid to be myself fully as a queer person. Instead, I worked full-time at locally-owned natural food stores which ignited my passion for wellness. 

In my mid-20s, adult acne took over my face and devastated me. I had no idea what was going on. A health coach helped me and I learned the synergy of mental/physical/emotional health. I left New Jersey for Boston for a new job and lived there for 10 years and experienced every major life change: career, relationships, apartments, health, spirituality and sexuality. And have a lot of tattoos for all those major changes!

In 2009, I became certified as a coach and started my business which immediately took off! I loved my life. Then, right when everything seemed perfect, I transitioned my gender identity. My family stopped speaking to me and the relationship I was in ended traumatically and I felt like my world was falling apart.

But I persevered. That same resilience I had as a kid kicked in and I finished grad school at the age of 37 while going through a gender transition on display for the world to see. I stuck to my passion for health coaching, walking my own talk for myself and, as a result, have overcome setback after setback along the way. Despite the trauma I experienced, I gave two TEDx talks and had one of my most successful years of my coaching business proving that we can thrive even (or maybe especially) during difficult times.

With all I've lived through and learned in my life, a journey that began in my teens and continues today, I figured out the solution to being yourself to live a completely fulfilling, authentic life. It's not a magic pill that works overnight, but it DOES work. My life is living proof and it's why I share so openly on social media about my journey.

How do I do this?

I took on the project of my own personal development as a teenager and just never stopped. 

I overcame an eating disorder and changed my religion and career and my own sexuality quite a few times. I've lived in over 20 different places. I've faced personal and professional rejection and my own fear of failure. And I never quit.

Over the past 20 years, I've read many books and attended a lot of seminars and became certified as a teacher and health coach to pass on all this valuable information to help you feel as happy, content and free as I do each day.

Life is a journey of self-discovery and there are steps you can take and things you can do to make the process meaningful and fulfilling, if you so choose. I'd love to help you on your way.

Dillan DiGiovanni
Creative Mornings Dillan DiGiovanni

Professional Bio

Dillan DiGiovanni is an internationally-certified Integrative Nutrition coach, speaker and writer leading a revolutionary movement around personal identity and wellbeing as the path to self-acceptance and transformation to build a better world. He has overcome incredible adversity throughout his life to possess unshakeable resilience, so Dillan understands the challenges that exist in the modern human experience. Dillan's calming demeanor, kind heart and inspirational voice make him a teacher every person
can benefit from, especially those struggling to accept and be who they really are. His credentials make him a wise and relatable guide to help bridge the gap in human development.

Dillan's clients include corporations like Microsoft and IDEO, small companies like ActBlue, WorkBar and General Assembly and institutions of higher learning including MIT, Northeastern and UCONN. He's also a two-time TEDx speaker.

Dillan loves 80s music and coffee and always needs to eat more greens. He currently resides on the Jersey shore, returning home after living in Boston and Vermont for over a decade. 

Credentials & Education:

Master of Education, Integrative Wellness, Leadership and Change in Individuals and Cultures Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Science in Education, Secondary Major in Art The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ

Member Speaker Bureau of International Information Programs, US Dept. of State, Washington, DC

Instructor (onsite and virtual) General Assembly

International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC), Member

State of New Jersey, Standard Teaching Certificate


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