Dillan DiGiovanni

Individual Health Coaching

Thanks for your interest in personal coaching with me.  

  • Do you feel like you aren't quite doing what you're meant to be doing?
  • Want to be healthier but feel confused or overwhelmed about how to do it?
  • Have achieved social metrics of success but still aren't feeling fulfilled?
  • Need someone in your life who really "gets" you, in a way other people usually don't or can't?



  • more confidence & clarity
  • balance with work & life
  • better health & wellness
  • smoother life changes
  • improved professional relationships
  • courage to be authentic and honest



  • unbiased, open-minded support for all people
  • 20+ years in the wellness field
  • expertise in identity and behavioral change
  • consistent and supportive accountability 
  • fun, interactive, REAL conversations 
  • flexibility for in-person and virtual coaching
You know how you have that idea in your mind, that _someday_ you’ll get it together, eat right, exercise more, and become that person you’d like to be? Dillan got me on the track I had always wanted to be on!
— Dave Curado, network engineer, Boston, MA


Please contact me with your questions about my packages and rates. 

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