Dillan DiGiovanni


Design Your Ideal Life at GENERAL ASSEMBLY BOSTON, Boston, MA

Design Your Ideal Life at GENERAL ASSEMBLY BOSTON, Boston, MA

I'll make this really easy.

I've spent half my life finding personal freedom.

I did this through self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Now that I've found it, I want everyone to know what I know and feel how I feel.

Basically how to be yourself.



I'm a left-handed, Gemini, half-Irish/half-Italian from New Jersey who was raised by a single mom. I went to Catholic school for 12 years on full scholarship and I owe a boatload in student loans for my two advanced degrees.

I love 80s music and bodyweight workouts and movies like Glory, Empire of the Sun and Good Will Hunting. I make my living as a health coach who mindfully eats (just about) everything and I strive for balanced, meaningful relationships. I wasn't always like this and often make big mistakes despite my good intentions. I'm curious to see how I evolve in the next several decades. For now, I'm pretty content.

My path has been challenging and also pretty damn great. It's taught me a lot so now I can help other people.

  • I was a chubby kid who loved sugar and then starved myself in high school and healed to enjoy all foods.
  • I was a gifted student who got all As and still procrastinates as a Type-A, perfectionist, creative visionary.
  • I was an 8th-grade Social Studies teacher, health food store hippie and office director designing curricula and programs for identity development and combine them all into my work as a coach and company consultant.
  • I attended Catholic school for 12 years and was an atheist before becoming Buddhist.
  • I was a vegetarian and vegan before choosing my current nutritarian lifestyle.
  • I was naive and complicit in institutional oppression before becoming a radical activist turned peaceful warrior.
  • I was seen as a woman and then a lesbian before expressing myself as a demisexual transgender person.
  • I've lived among and known the people of New Jersey, South Africa, greater Boston, and Vermont. 
Lifestyle and leadership coach Dillan DiGiovanni has changed more in a couple of decades than most people do in a lifetime.
— Kimberly Armstrong


I think every person, no matter their identities, strives to know and be themselves. I think self-acceptance starts with self-awareness. Healthy habits help and it's a lifelong process. I'm here to help anyone who wants to start.





Dillan DiGiovanni is an internationally-certified health coach for conscientious people and companies. He has supported the dynamic teams of Diesel/Bloc/Forge Baking Co., ACTBLUE, IDEO, Brooklyn Boulders, MIT, UCONN and many others. He has spoken at CreativeMorningsBOSTON, The Mystery Box Show, TEDxUCONN, IDEO, Rutgers University Medical School, TEDxSomerville, WORKBAR, and General Assembly. Dillan lives in the woods of Vermont in a renovated barn after calling Boston home for 10 years but he's originally from New Jersey. He loves 80s music more than just about anything else, he drinks coffee and needs to eat more greens. 

Dillan's BS and MEd degrees make him a critical thinker and his certification as a health coach helps him be a better listener and guide for others. He attended The College of New Jersey, Lesley University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition